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UPDATE: A previous version of this story stated that Jessica (@vdaze) did not appear to have any connection to Gandy, Chase or Cole; this version has been updated to reflect that Jessica and Gandy are friends, as Gandy points out in the seventh update to her post here.UPDATE 2: Since this story was published, both Lee Stranahan and Matt Edelstein have asked Buzz Feed to add further information to it, and Edelstein has asked Buzz Feed to correct one statement.The soundtrack to the happy-go-lucky teen romantic comedy Win a Date With Tad Hamilton has an appealingly lighthearted mix of dance, rock, and pop that includes Wheat's "Some Days," the Thorns' cover of the Jayhawks' alt-country classic "Blue," and Liz Phair's "Why Can't I?

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Their baby was conceived while Wade and Union were on a brief break in 2013.On Sunday, Edelstein and Osborne were drawing attention to audio recordings, purportedly of Chase, which they believe prove their allegations.Gandy and Cole have risen to Chase's defense, claiming that harassment from Shoq and his cohorts has driven Chase into hiding, but they categorically deny any conspiracy to sell Stop Rush's emails. And it has to stop.[...] Look -- this is not a partisan issue. This is about unstable people using the internet to harass, stalk, and intimidate women and those who dare speak up on behalf of them.The overall feel of the collection is down-to-earth, with a strong emphasis on singer/songwriter tracks like Kyle Riabko's "Waiting," Jason Wade's "Days Go By," and John Mayer's "Back to You." Indeed, the soundtrack often sounds like it was aimed at an older audience than the film was (or, at least, it's giving teenagers more credit than most soundtracks do) by including so many quiet, largely acoustic songs such as Alice Peacock's "Leading With My Heart," and Bonnie Mc Kee's "Somebody." The songs that actually do sound like they belong on a typical teen movie soundtrack, like Wilshire's "Something Special," Soul Kid #1's "More Bounce in California," and Bleu's "I Won't Go to Hollywood" almost seem out of place compared to the more restrained feel of the other tracks.

However, this slight schizophrenia doesn't detract much from Win a Date With Tad Hamilton's easygoing feel.

A river of anti-Shoq tweets has poured forth from the keyboard of John Cole — Gandy's most prominent proponent and the proprietor of the popular Balloon-Juice blog.